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Monday, December 6, 2010

A dude from Botch totally knows who we are!

<---But his name isn't Dave. And we're okay with that.

From The Seattle Stranger 12/4/10

Smooth Sailing, Sandrider, Dog Shredder, Grenades

(Rendezvous) At the nexus of metal's harsh tonalities, punk's anti-aspirations, and indie's creative cross-pollinations, there exists a cluster of bands bashing against those realms' respective campy aesthetics, downgraded musicianship, and pop sensibilities. Tonight's a perfect opportunity to add to your diet a few different flavors from that peculiar cross section of unglued and unapologetically cerebral aggression. Have a healthy portion of Grenades' heavily syncopated rhythm section and spacey guitar leads, chew on Dog Shredder's frantic and furious seven-minute opuses, sample Sandrider's allegretto single-coil snarl, and finish things off with Smooth Sailing's tech-metal/post-rock hybrids. It's quite a combo platter. Stringent Headbangers Ball, Maximumrocknroll, or Pitchfork consumers, however, are bound to be unsatisfied.


So Tight!

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