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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter Update: Shows w/ Red Fang, Federation X, Absolute Monarchs. Recording new stuff with Ross Robinson

Well well well. Things have been slow on the Blog but we've had a busy few months even though it may not look like it from the outside. We wrapped up our tour with Dysrhythmia and holy shit does that band destroy. I can't think of a band out there that shreds quite like these guys do so check them out. Test of Submission is out and you should hear it. You can read their tour blog with LOTS of pictures over here.

We have several shows coming up. Saturday February 9th at the Shakedown in Bellingham:

Then two dates with RED FANG and FEDERATION X in Seattle and Portland February 16 and 17:

Also, a show March 2 for FREE at the Shakedown to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of our local music 'zine What's Up! Magazine. Local slayers Rookery, Chris Nunn & The Movie, and Bright Weapons will be joining!

We've been writing and writing and writing the follow up to Brass Tactics and are going to be prepared to lay everything out for everyone this year. Next month we head down to Los Angeles and into the studio with producer Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Glassjaw, Blood Brothers, KoRn, At The Drive In) and we're super excited to track and share everything we've been working so hard on. It's gonna be dope!

See you all along 2013.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall 2012 Tour w/ Dysrhythmia

Check these crazy fuckers out!

10/26 - Vancouver, BC @ Ironroad Studios
10/27 - Seattle, WA @ Highline
10/28 - Portland, OR @ Rotture
10/29 - Arcata, CA @ Jambalaya
10/30 - San Francisco, CA @ Elbo Room
10/31 - San Diego, CA @ Tower Bar**
11/01 - Los Angeles, CA @ Los Globos
11/02 - Phoenix, AZ @ Tempe Tavern
11/03 - Albuquerque, NM @ Gasworks
11/04 - Las Vegas, NV @ TBA**
11/05 - Alameda, CA @ Lucky 13**

**=Dog Shredder only

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brass Tactics is out now on Good To Die Records!

Welcome back, kiddos. We're currently tearing it up with our latest release Brass Tactics and the critics unanimously agree: it's loud and weird as hell!  And with a release so loud people are listening!  Check out some praise below:

"Brass Tactics is the mark of an exhilarating new voice that's fun, ferocious, and ultimately exhausting in the most satisfying kind of way... proof that ambition and skill don't automatically cancel out heart."

"So good I can't stop laughing."

"Big 'ole minus points for the name."

Yeah, well, can't please em all. But go pick it up direct from Good To Die Records!!

Or download it digitally on the cheap over here.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from Dog Shredder

Alright. Let's start this off right.  Chickenfoot is/may be the worst band to ever get drunk and decide to Jam out a debut album on custom made instruments emblazoned with their logo before Sammy Hagar can even say "Hey!", but I find myself strangely drawn to them.  I want to hate them so, so much. But they're not too different from a band like Tight Bros, right?  They're both kinda going for the Dudes About To Rock vibe and are clearly in on the camp of their product.  Difference is that Chickenfoot makes hella dough while doing it and may not be quite as in on the joke as everybody else is. Some serious brass, though. Anyway. You should check it out. Discuss.

I feel like these videos highlight both the vast similarities and vast differences (read budget).



Friday, November 11, 2011


Holy shit balls Halloween was awesome this year. Like a trooper I went and saw Judas Priest on their "farewell" world tour all by myself. I was expecting to see far more freaks than I actually saw at the show. The closest I came was a dude decked out in a PERFECT Ace Frehley costume and some dude dressed up like Keith Stone.

*Please note that guitar stage right is not KK Downing but some 31-year-young hot shot completely shredding KK under the table. This dude was incredible, and from what I heard has had bottles thrown at him for the unforgivable sin of not being KK Downing on stage. He retired, guys. Ease off.

Then there was Ben Verellen from Helms Alee at his brother Dave's Halloween party. I'll just let the picture do the yelling:

Then DOG SHREDDER performed as Bellingham's premier Pantera tribute band, PANTERA LIVES! with Full Frontal Assault/Leatherhorn singer Jeff Kastelic. Serious blast was had. I would post the set list, but odds are we will do it again and I wouldn't want to spoil it for any fans of Pantera. So keep your eyes afixed to your Facefuck feed and wait with baited breath, yos.

Here we are:

Left to right: Rex "Rocker" Brown, Phil Anselmo, Vinnie Paul, and Dimebag Darrell

Here's a video somebody shot of the show:

Check out Full Frontal assault here.
And mos def check out Leatherhorn here.

More exciting Dog Shredder news coming before years end. New tunes and tours are on their way...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nude Delirium Awareness Day

First off we would like to thank whoever smashed the driver-side window of our van a few weeks ago and stole our really crappy CD player. It was purchased at Wal-Mart for $54 and properly installed by our main man JD after I had completely botched the self instilation by cutting every wire behind the damn thing. As a result, the CD player did not receive AM/FM transmissions, would occasionally shoot sparks out the front of it, and blow the fuse for our tail lights every time we turned on the headlights while jamming tunes. So, thanks again for not stealing anything else, and enjoy the bastard.

Anyway, here's a picture of Me and Lord Dosnok with Melt Banana at Chop Suey a couple of weeks ago:

So Awesome!!

And here are some crazy fuckers in my Kitchen after the Dog Shredder/White Orange/Mongoloid Village show on Friday 10/14:

Left to right: Mandar, JTN and Dave from Bongoloid Village, Carey Ross™, Dustin and Dean from White Orange, Fester from MV, and Peter. Thanks for drinking all the pink lemonade vodka!


We're gonna have some friends join us on stage and perform all of the hits from your favorite confederate hick metal icons! Spoiler alert: Noah is Vinnie. Bring your own Jager!

Don't miss Vinnie's "rap" at 2:47

Finally here's a REALLY bad picture of me and Oderus from GWAR.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer / Fall Update

Alright we're back.  We took a little break but we have a bunch of wicked shows lined up in September and October.  We've got dates with MELT BANANA and KYLESA, we've got the Boss Rhino 12" EP out and available through Made In China Records, we hopefully have a record coming out this year, and maybe even have some coastal and international shredding in 2012. Check the dates to the right, kimosabe.

In related news, I've been touring all over with Hyro Da Hero, a pretty gifted rapper from Houston, TX.  Playing with members of Failure, Pretty Girls Make Graves and Idiot Pilot.  Having a blast.  We shot this video in Britain a few months back.  You'll see me playing Bass in the back. Dig!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 21, 2011 was stupid

Looks like we'll just have to destroy the world ourselves. See you in space bitches!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Tour Dates With Federation X

We're pretty happy about supporting NW sludg-ends Federation X on one of their now-more-frequent-than-ever reunion stints in the NW on July 21-24. We love those guys, we love that band, and so should you.  Check em out:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seattle/Portland 2011

Our 2011 tour is in full free-ballin' mode.  We played our 69th and 70th show in Seattle and Portland proper to great crowds and with great people.  The Comet never fails to deliver for us.  I ate two (2) Comet Dogs - a new record - under the advisement of Noah that I only eat 1.  Pish. Just a break down: A Comet Dog is like a huge kielbasa one might buy at Costco on a bun and slathered in sour cream and caramelized onions with jalapenos, sauerkraut and sriracha and served by a dude like this:

And then there's Portland.  Where the band gets wasted and does this in the middle of the night after I fall asleep:

And then we hugged Ben Kahn's butthole.
You can read a review of our show in PDX here.

Flip out with your tip out!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The YouTubey Evolution of "Dog Shredder"

Here in the 23rd century, anyone with a cell phone and a YouTube machine can post anything online and the people - well, the people - the people will watch it.  And they should!  It could be your cat puking from a tire swing - Hilarious!  Or, it could be this - WOW!  Or it could be some wannabe Johnny Knoxville walking into a Planned Parenthood posing as a pimp and then - BOOM!  No more free condoms on MY dime, assholes!

Anyhoo, I've noticed that our tune "Dog Shredder" is by far the most captured-then-YouTubed song in our set.  Must be it's massive titular appeal.  Here is the history of "Dog Shredder" in chronological order from the very first time we played it live to the last time we played it on Friday.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Boss Rhino EP 12-inch single hits the streets on Friday!

And it's gonna be SO ballin'!  We pressed a limited 500 copies of this motherfucker and there will be an even MORE limited run of only 100 copies with a hand-numbered, 7-layer silk screened gatefold cover designed and printed by our main man John Overly.  Available only while supplies last, punky!  Get there!  Here's a peek:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Wax for that Ass!

Hello all, (no one.)
We got our new wax. Test pressings. I'm listening to it wayyy too loud at 2 AM.
Sounds good.
You sound good.

Russian tea cakes sound good.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Today in Official Endorsements:

We are playing in Bellingham tonight with Bright Weapons ('ham), Grenades (Seattle), and of course, Helms Alee. Word has it they have fully recorded their new album. You had better get there early, punky!

Also our drummer, Lord Dosnok, has another band. Leatherhorn rips pretty hard. Here is their new demo:

And one of our oldest buddies Patrick "Ray Vaughn" Oiye and his homeboys in Smooth Sailing have a new album coming out. Here is a track from it and I think it sounds pretty sick. These guys are pretty good live, too, and their black-out light show takes us back to Seattle circa 2000. An era we are all fond of... *caugh*botch.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


So in related/unrelated Dog Shredder news:

Our show at the Viking Union on Friday was our first in two months and it totally slayed. Big, sloppy, homo public thanks to Brent and Whats Up! Magazine for having us. As we get a little older it gets harder to connect with an under-aged crowd and we felt completely welcomed.

Also, haven't heard from Lord Dosnok in a while. Where you been, bro? No love for the Blog?

Anyhoo. Here's a picture of Noah and I rocking out at the end of Red Fang's set in Bellingham back in May.

Yup. That's us on the left.

And while I was looking for that photo on their blog I found these "comments" I certainly do not remember making:

And by BTW, this was the link I attached. I lose:

Stay classy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Friday, January 28

Dog Shredder go on at 8:30, kiddos. We'll see anyone who reads our blog there. Ha.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dof Shredder Rules Christmas

Dog Shredder is cooler than Christmas. But then again, so are you. whoever you are. Whom ever you are? anyone is cooler than christmas. It's not real, you know. check tha facts.

Pagan solstice!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Minutiae Alert!

Via What's Up! Magazine:

if you voted for the What's Up! Awards ballots within the last day and a half - your vote has not been counted. There was a computer glitch. Please, please vote again

So much for the rules about stuffing the ballot box. Vote till you're blue in the balls.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vote here for Dog Shredder in the 2010 What's Up! Awards

We are nominated for best "heavier than heavin" band this year by What's Up! magazine. Follow the link at the bottom to cast a vote. While your ass is at it, vote for my other band, ZORBATRON, in the best newby, best live band, and best music video categories. KTHX!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lozen/Dog Shredder Spring 2011 Tour

So this is gonna happen. Lozen, two of the coolest, hottest, smartest, sweetest and most talented people around, asked us to go on tour with them. For 10 days we'll be forced to stop peeing in gatorade bottles mid-drive and cozy up. Hozi and Juice are awesome. Listen to them here.

24-March : Seattle, WA
25-March : Portland, OR
26-March : Arcata, CA
27-March : Oakland, CA
28-March : Long Beach, CA
29-March : Flagstaff, AZ
30-March : San Diego, CA
31-March : Los Angeles, CA
1-April : San Francisco, CA
2-April : Eugene, OR

Monday, December 6, 2010

A dude from Botch totally knows who we are!

<---But his name isn't Dave. And we're okay with that.

From The Seattle Stranger 12/4/10

Smooth Sailing, Sandrider, Dog Shredder, Grenades

(Rendezvous) At the nexus of metal's harsh tonalities, punk's anti-aspirations, and indie's creative cross-pollinations, there exists a cluster of bands bashing against those realms' respective campy aesthetics, downgraded musicianship, and pop sensibilities. Tonight's a perfect opportunity to add to your diet a few different flavors from that peculiar cross section of unglued and unapologetically cerebral aggression. Have a healthy portion of Grenades' heavily syncopated rhythm section and spacey guitar leads, chew on Dog Shredder's frantic and furious seven-minute opuses, sample Sandrider's allegretto single-coil snarl, and finish things off with Smooth Sailing's tech-metal/post-rock hybrids. It's quite a combo platter. Stringent Headbangers Ball, Maximumrocknroll, or Pitchfork consumers, however, are bound to be unsatisfied.


So Tight!

Show Archive

"It's Always Up To Date!??"

1. 4/23/09 @ Karma's Warehome w/ The Narrows, Grayceon, Lesbian. Bellingham, WA
2. 5/10/09 @ Rumors w/ GNS and Sugar Sugar Sugar. Bellingham, WA
3. 6/15/09 @ Rogue Hero w/ PIGS, Moons & Goochers. Bellingham, WA
4. 6/18/09 @ Nightlight w/ Wooden Wings. Bellingham, WA
5. 6/26/09 @ Boundary Bay w/ Queen Amina. Bellingham, WA
6. 7/03/09 @ Jinx Artspace w/ Honeymoon's Over, Dirty Bird Cabaret. Bellingham, WA
7. 7/17/09 @ Rogue Hero w/ Black Eyes & Neckties, Helms Alee, Red Fang. Bellingham, WA
8. 8/08/09 @ The Rendevouz w/ Rad Touch, Fast Paced Action Packed. Seattle, WA
9. 9/05/09 @ The Wild Buffalo w/ Slumpter, Rad Touch, The Russians. Bellingham, WA
10. 9/11/09 @ Monstro's Pizza. Chico, CA
11. 9/12/09 @ House Show. Santa Rosa, CA
12. 9/14/09 @ Jambalaya. Arcata, CA
13. 9/16/09 @ Branx w/ Elitist. Portland, OR
14. 10/09/09 @ The Know w/ Order of the Gash. Portland, OR
15. 10/10/09 @ Plan B w/ Nux Vomica, Javalina, Book of Black Earth. Portland, OR
16. 10/19/09 @ Wild Buaffalo w/ Vaughn Kreestoe, Snug Harbor, Sugar Sugar Sugar. Bellingham, WA
17. 10/31/09 @ Boundary Bay w/ Sugars, Lozen, The Pasties. Bellingham, WA
18. 11/13/09 @ Wild Buffalo w/ Akimbo, Torero. Bellingham, WA
19. 11/20/09 @ Sunset w/ Lozen, Android Hero, Madraso. Seattle, WA
20. 11/21/09 @ Epic Space w/ Rat's Eyes, Rye Wolves. Eugene, OR
21. 12/01/09 @ Nightlight w/ Rooftops. Bellingham, WA
22. 12/03/09 @ The Funhouse w/ Heiress, Abodox, Grayceon. Seattle, WA
23. 12/05/09 @ Jinx w/ Helms Alee, Grayceon. Bellingham, WA
24. 1/02/10 @ Sunset Tavern w/ Constant Lovers, Vultures 2012. Seattle, WA
25. 1/30/10 @ Wild Buffalo w/ What's Up! Awards Show. Bellingham, WA
26. 2/20/10 @ Plan B w/ Baltic Cousins, Ghost Power. Bellingham, WA
27. 3/12/10 @ Plan B w/ Rooftops, The Americas. Bellingham, WA
28. 3/13/10 @ Ally's House w/ Rooftops, Americas, Throne of Bone. Seattle, WA
29. 3/23/10 @ Old Foundry w/ No-Fi Sould Rebellion, Lumpkins. Bellingham, WA
30. 3/25/10 @ Karma’s Warehome/Jinx w/ Black Breath, Heiress, Lesbian. Bellingham, WA
31. 4/09/10 @ Black Lodge w/ Lozen, Victory & Associates, Cold Lake. Seattle, WA
32. 4/16/10 @ Rotture w/ Mongoloid Village, Tornado Attack, The Guild. Portland, OR
33. 4/17/10 @ Eastside Club w/ The Narrows, Lozen, Nine Worlds. Olympia, WA
34. 5/01/10 @ Plan B w/ Red Fang, Boss Rhino. Bellingham, WA
35. 5/05/10 @ Cabin Tavern w/ Rooftops, Four Players. Bellingham, WA
36. 5/06/10 @ The Comet w/ Family Curse, Hellgrammites, Grenades. Seattle, WA
37. 5/07/10 @ East End w/ Family Curse, Nether Regions. Portland, OR
38. 5/08/10 @ The Alibi w/ Fall the Giants. Arcata, CA
39. 5/09/10 @ Chico Cabaret w/ The Americas, La Fin Du Monde. Chico, CA

40. 5/11/10 @ Stork Club w/ Mongloid Village. Oakland, CA
41. 5/13/10 @ Bar Pink w/ Ghetto Blaster. San Diego, CA
42. 5/14/10 @ The Underground w/ Red Fang, Via Vengeance, Drone Throne. Mesa, AZ
43. 5/15/10 @ Stab Mtn. w/ Missionary Position, Ugly Stick Bruisers. Flagstaff, AZ
44. 5/18/10 @ Tacos Locos w/ Acous Ticks, Sawyer Family. Flagstaff, AZ
45. 5/19/10 @ Bar Bar w/ Snake Mountain. Denver, CO
46. 5/21/10 @ The Badlander w/ Palace Of Buddies, Deny The Dinosaur. Missoula, MT
47. 6/16/10 @ The Comet w/ Akimbo, Lords, Rad Touch. Seattle, WA
48. 6/25/10 @ The Comet w/ Giant Squid, Helms Alee, Lozen. Seattle, WA
49. 6/26/10 @ The East End w/ Giant Squid, Lozen, Cull. Portland, OR
50. 7/01/10 @ Jinx w/ Mico De Noche, Kingdom of Magic. Bellingham, WA
51. 7/24/10 @ The Cabin w/ Grenades, Touch Me Satan. Bellingham, WA
52. 8/15/10 @ Seattle's Founder's Day Fest w/ The Cops, Kinski. Seattle, WA
53. 8/21/10 @ The Josephine w/ Throne of Bone, Vultures 2012. Seattle, WA
54. 8/27/10 @ The Cabin Tavern w/ Hurry Up Shotgun, Celebera, Frozen Cloak. Bellingham, WA
55. 9/14/10 @ The Wild Buffalo w/ Helmet, Bison BC. Bellingham, WA
56. 9/18/10 @ Cap's w/ The Holy Tailfeathers. Bellingham, WA
57. 10/09/10 @ 2-Bit Saloon w/ Seattle Weekly REVERB Fest. Seattle, WA
58. 10/15/10 @ Ash Street Saloon w/ White Orange, Dark Country. Portland, OR
59. 10/27/10 @ Cabin Tavern w/ Ghetto Blaster, Moons and Goochers. Bellingham, WA
60. 11/11/10 @ Jinx w/ KARP COVER NIGHT! Bellingham, WA
61. 11/12/10 @ New Frontier w/ Helms Alee, Hazzards Cure, Manhammer. Tacoma, WA
62. 11/13/10 @ Wild Buffalo w/ Federation X, Sharpie, Sugars, Holy Tailfeathers. Bellingham, WA
63. 12/03/10 @ Black Lodge w/ Wah Wah Exit Wound, Curious Mystery. Seattle, WA
64. 12/04/10 @ Rendevouz w/ Smoroth Sailing, Sandrider, Grenades. Seattle, WA
65. 1/28/11 @ Viking Union w/ Acorn Project, Lamppost Revival, No-Fi Soul Rebellion. Bellingham, WA
66. 2/04/11 @ Cabin w/ Helms Alee, Grenades, Bright Weapons. Bellingham, WA
67. 3/15/11 @ Vera Project w/ Marnie Stern, Tera Melos, Kinski. Seattle, WA
68. 3/18/11 @ The Shakedown w/ Harkonen, Lozen, Swayze. Bellingham, WA
69. 3/24/11 @ The Comet w/ Lozen, Brickbats, Constant Lovers. Seattle, WA
70. 3/25/11 @ Saratoga w/ Lozen, Mongoloid Village. Portland, OR
71. 3/26/11 @ The Alibi w/ Lozen. Arcata , CA
72. 3/27/11 @ Ghost Town Galleries w/ Lozen, Hazzards Cure, High Tower, PIGS. Oakland, CA
73. 3/29/11 @ Blue Cafe w/ Lozen, Toward Distant Suns. Long Beach, CA
74. 3/30/11 @ Soda Bar w/ Lozen, Ghetto Blaster. San Diego, CA
75. 3/31/11 @ Three Clubs w/ Lozen, Ghetto Blaster, Stab City. Los Angeles, CA
76. 4/01/11 @ The Hemlock w/ Lozen, Pins of Light, Walken. San Francisco, CA
77. 4/02/11 @ The Wandering Goat w/ Lozen, Facing Extinction. Eugene, OR
78. 4/20/11 @ The Sunset w/ Empty Space Orchestra, White Orange. Seattle, WA
79. 5/05/11 @ Jinx w/ Lesbian, Grayceon, Fight Amp. Bellingham, WA
80. 5/06/11 @ Chop Suey w/ Lesbian, Grayceon, Fight Amp. Seattle, WA
81. 5/27/11 @ Saratoga w/ Rabbits, Organized Sports. Portland, OR
82. 5/28/11 @ The Josephine w/ Same-Sex Dictator, Rye Wolves, Dwellers. Seattle, WA
83. 6/18/11 @ The Shakedown w/ Grenades, Ship To Ship. Bellingham, WA
84. 9/09/11 @ The Highline w/ Kylesa, Black Cobra. Seattle, WA
85. 9/10/11 @ The Shakedown w/ Kylesa, Torero. Bellingham, WA
86. 10/4/11 @ Chop Suey w/ Melt Banana, Retox. Seattle, WA
87. 10/14/11 @ The Shakedown w/ White Orange, Mongoloid Village. Bellingham, WA
88. 10/31/11 @ The Shakedown as PATERA LIVES! w/ Thorny Croft, Horror Business. Bellingham, WA
89. 12/10/11 @ The Shakedown w/ 400 Blows, Helms Alee, Lozen. Bellingham, WA
90. 12/27/11 @ Star Theater w/ Black Cobra, Norska. Portland, OR
91. 12/28/11 @ The Highline w/ Black Cobra, Lozen, Bell Witch. Seattle, WA
92. 1/05/12 @ Re-Bar, Grudge Rock w/ Sandrider. Seattle, WA
93. 1/26/12 @ The Comet w/ Monogamy Party, Great Falls, Serial Hawk. Seattle, WA
94. 4/14/12 @ Yellingham! w/ Cower, Power, Sloths, Box. Bellingham, WA
95. 4/21/12 @ Live at KEXP. Seattle, WA
96. 4/26/12 @ The Highline BRASS TACTICS RELEASE w/ Sandrider, Monogamy Party, Brokaw. Seattle, WA
97. 4/27/12 @ The Shakedown BRASS TACTICS RELEASE w/ Sandrider, Devilry. Bellingham, WA
98. 5/10/12 @ Dante's w/ Black Elk, White Orange, Norska. Portland, OR
99. 5/11/12 @ The Comet w/ The Ruby Doe, Black Elk, Akimbo. Seattle, WA
100. 5/12/12 @ The Shakedown w/ The Ruby Doe, Black Elk, Akimbo. Bellingham, WA
101. 5/25/12 @ Rickshaw w/ The Shrine, Three Wolf Moon, Devastator. Vancouver, BC
102. 8/09/12 @ The Shakedown w/ Black Breath, Theories, Drown. Bellingham, WA
103. 8/25/12 @ Make.Shift w/ Bearcubbin', Grenades, Trees and Stars. Bellingham, WA
104. 9/01/12 @ The HIghline w/ Kayo Dot, Rose Windows. Seattle, WA
105. 9/08/12 @ The Shakedown w/ Federation X, Helms Alee. Bellingham, WA
106. 10/20/12 @ The Breakroom w/ Slut Penguin, SeeYa Space Bandit. Bremerton, WA
107. 10/25/12 @ The Redlight w/ Bright Weapons. Bellingham, WA
108. 10/26/12 @ Ironroad Studios w/ Dysrhythmia, Triple Dragon, Hidden Towers. Vancouver, BC
109. 10/27/12 @ The Highline w/ Dysrhythmia, La Fin Du Monde. Seattle, WA
110. 10/28/12 @ Rotture w/ Dysrhythmia, Usco. Portland, OR
111. 10/29/12 @ Jambalaya w/ Dysrhythmia, Amplified Heat. Arcata, CA
112. 10/30/12 @ Elbo Room w/ Dysrhythmia, Burmese, Dimesland. San Francisco, CA
113. 10/31/12 @ Tower Bar w/ Kodiak, White Mule, California Bleeding. San Diego, CA
114. 11/01/12 @ Boom Tomb Room w/ Dysrhythmia, Hurt Model. Los Angeles, CA
115. 11/02/12 @ Tempe Tavern w/ Dysrhythmia, Cave Dweller, The Tongues. Phoenix, AZ
116. 11/03/12 @ Launchpad w/ Dysrhythmia, Laughing Dog, Gobs of Flesh. Albuquerque, NM
117. 11/05/12 @ Eli's Mile High w/ Setya Sena, Cardinal, Burning Monk. Oakland, CA
118. 12/28/12 @ Chop Suey w/ Caligula, Old Iron. Seattle, WA
119. 2/09/13 @ The Shakedown w/ Absolute Monarchs, Constant Lovers, Totalizer. Bellingham, WA
120. 2/16/13 @ Neumo's w/ Red Fang, Federation X. Seattle, WA
121. 2/17/13 @ Wonder Ballroom w/ Red Fang, Federation X. Portland, OR
122. 2/18/13 @ The Redlight w/ Black Beast Revival. Bellingham, WA
123. 3/02/13 @ The Shakedown w/ Bright Weapons, Rookery, Chris Nunn Band. Bellingham, WA
124. 5/01/13 @ Alhambra Theater w/ Red Fang, Sons Of Huns. Portland, OR
125. 5/11/13 @ The Comet w/ Great Falls, Spacebag, Big Trughk. Seattle, WA
126. 5/23/13 @ The Shakedown w/ Orcco, Otto. Seattle, WA
127. 6/21/13 @ The Shakedown w/ Big Business, Helms Alee. Bellingham, WA
128. 7/28/13 @ Barboza w/ Capitol Hill Block Party! Seattle, WA
129. 8/03/13 @ The Shakedown w/ Falling Upstairs, Pan Pan, Navigator/Communicator, Totalizer. Bellingham, WA
130. 8/17/13 @ Total Fest XII. Missoula, MT
131. 8/22/13 @ The Sunset w/ Great Falls, Heiress, Lb!. Seattle, WA
132. 9/26/13 @ Slabtown w/ Rabbits, Sirhan Sirhan, Ghetto Blaster. Portland, OR
133. 9/27/13 @ The Highline w/ Sirhan Sirhan, Ghetto Blaster, Tacos!. Seattle, WA
134. 9/28/13 @ The Shakedown w/ Sandrider, Sirhan Sirhan, Ghetto Blaster. Bellingham, WA
135. 10/09/13 @ Harlow's w/ Red Fang, Helms Alee. Sacramento, CA
136. 10/10/13 @ Troubadour w/ Red Fang, Helms Alee. Hollywood, CA
137. 10/11/13 @ Brick By Brick w/ Red Fang, Helms Alee. San Diego, CA
138. 10/12/13 @ The Rock w/ SW Terror Fest, Red Fang, Helms Alee. Tucson, AZ
139. 10/13/13 @ Launchpad w/ Red Fang, Helms Alee. Albuquerque, NM
140. 10/14/13 @ Blue Bird Theater w/ Red Fang, Helms Alee. Denver, CO
141. 10/15/13 @ The Shredder w/ Kleine. Boise, ID
142. 10/31/13 @ The Shakedown as PANTERA LIVES! w/ Horror Business, Voyager. Bellingham, WA
143. 12/14/13 @ The Shakedown w/ Gaytheist, Lozen, The Family Curse. Bellingham, WA
144. 2/20/14 @ Chop Suey w/ Gaytheist, Dunk Dad, The Great Goddamn. Seattle, WA
145. 3/01/14 @ The Shakedown w/ Girl Guts, Minor Plains, Gonzo. Bellingham, WA
146. 3/07/14 @ 7th Circle Music Collective w/ Pleistocene, Television Generation, Sumeru, Lunetta. Denver, CO
147. 3/08/14 @ Sunshine Studios w/ Falter Never Fail, Blake Noble, Lyfe, Curtis Boucher, Maddy Hershiser. Colorado Springs, CO
148. 3/10/14 @ Tomcats West w/ Affiance, Close Your Eyes, My Enemies And I, Deaf Angel, Revengeance, Vita Versus. Ft. Worth, TX
149. 3/11/14 @ Lola's. Ft. Worth, TX
150. 3/12/14 @ SXSW w/ Truck Fighters, Royal Teeth. Austin, TX
151. 3/12/14 @ SXSW w/ Crobot, Fuel, YB, The Kickback. Austin, TX
152. 3/13/14 @ SXSW w/ Black Tusk, Mutoid Man, Kayo Dot, Yautja, Venomous Maximus. Austin, TX
153. 3/15/14 @ Mango's w/ 72 Names, Griffin Swank, Kay Weathers. Houston, TX
154. 3/29/14 @ Make.Shift w/ Helms Alee, Hungry Ghost. Bellingham, WA
155. 4/05/14 @ The Shakedown w/ Gaytheist, Tartufi, Tacos!. Bellingham, WA