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Sunday, January 30, 2011


So in related/unrelated Dog Shredder news:

Our show at the Viking Union on Friday was our first in two months and it totally slayed. Big, sloppy, homo public thanks to Brent and Whats Up! Magazine for having us. As we get a little older it gets harder to connect with an under-aged crowd and we felt completely welcomed.

Also, haven't heard from Lord Dosnok in a while. Where you been, bro? No love for the Blog?

Anyhoo. Here's a picture of Noah and I rocking out at the end of Red Fang's set in Bellingham back in May.

Yup. That's us on the left.

And while I was looking for that photo on their blog I found these "comments" I certainly do not remember making:

And by BTW, this was the link I attached. I lose:

Stay classy!

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