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Friday, November 11, 2011


Holy shit balls Halloween was awesome this year. Like a trooper I went and saw Judas Priest on their "farewell" world tour all by myself. I was expecting to see far more freaks than I actually saw at the show. The closest I came was a dude decked out in a PERFECT Ace Frehley costume and some dude dressed up like Keith Stone.

*Please note that guitar stage right is not KK Downing but some 31-year-young hot shot completely shredding KK under the table. This dude was incredible, and from what I heard has had bottles thrown at him for the unforgivable sin of not being KK Downing on stage. He retired, guys. Ease off.

Then there was Ben Verellen from Helms Alee at his brother Dave's Halloween party. I'll just let the picture do the yelling:

Then DOG SHREDDER performed as Bellingham's premier Pantera tribute band, PANTERA LIVES! with Full Frontal Assault/Leatherhorn singer Jeff Kastelic. Serious blast was had. I would post the set list, but odds are we will do it again and I wouldn't want to spoil it for any fans of Pantera. So keep your eyes afixed to your Facefuck feed and wait with baited breath, yos.

Here we are:

Left to right: Rex "Rocker" Brown, Phil Anselmo, Vinnie Paul, and Dimebag Darrell

Here's a video somebody shot of the show:

Check out Full Frontal assault here.
And mos def check out Leatherhorn here.

More exciting Dog Shredder news coming before years end. New tunes and tours are on their way...

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