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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seattle/Portland 2011

Our 2011 tour is in full free-ballin' mode.  We played our 69th and 70th show in Seattle and Portland proper to great crowds and with great people.  The Comet never fails to deliver for us.  I ate two (2) Comet Dogs - a new record - under the advisement of Noah that I only eat 1.  Pish. Just a break down: A Comet Dog is like a huge kielbasa one might buy at Costco on a bun and slathered in sour cream and caramelized onions with jalapenos, sauerkraut and sriracha and served by a dude like this:

And then there's Portland.  Where the band gets wasted and does this in the middle of the night after I fall asleep:

And then we hugged Ben Kahn's butthole.
You can read a review of our show in PDX here.

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